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Reclaimed Doug Fir Shelf


Size: Length | 4', 6', or 8' Width | 11.75" Height | 2"
*Shelf includes hardware

Our Reclaimed Douglas Fir Shelves are amazing story tellers! Every imperfection on their time-worn surface tell accounts of their rich American history. The unique knots and grain patterns of the 2-inch thick solid Reclaimed Douglas Fir Shelves share their history of standing tall. The missing slivers, nail holes, saw marks and coloration weave tales of their structural function in buildings throughout the Western Seaboard of the USA. These rustic, naturally rough shelves are kiln dried for durability, so that they can add timeless beauty to any room in your home for many years to come. Whether you want them to add character to your kitchen, warmth to your bedroom, or bring a sense of beauty to your half bath, these heavy duty shelves will continue to work hard for you! Their freshly sawn ends will give you a peek of the youthful wood of yesteryear. Stain does not enhance this wood in any way, shape or form, because we fell in love with the natural state of this wood and we think you will, too!

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Reclaimed Doug Fir Floating shelf 1.jpg
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